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Since years, Hyperply® is performing fantastic business of Molden Panel Door, black board, shuttering grade film faced plywood, flush door, plywood etc. With the opening of core materials featuring world class style in India, Maestro is generating uprising in Indian industry relying on plywood manufacturing.

All the products are manufactured at the state of art factory by means of best practices that include imported raw materials, the newest, imported and advanced machinery to make sure the world class top standards are received by our customers. All these ethics that we maintain in our work help us stand on the top of customer preference.


Plywood IS: 303

Hyperply® is accessible in boiling Water Resistant (BWR) and Moisture Resistant (MR) grades. In the purpose of exterior and interior wood operating application, both these grades are utilized. M. R. grade plywood is connected with Melamine Urea Forrnaldehyde Synthetic Resin and is actually ISI marked.

Despite the fact that the BWR grade plywood is associated with Fortified Phenol Fornaldyhyde Synthetic Resin like pet protocols of IS: 848: 1974 Below the controlled temperate and pressure with sufficient timings to acquire unique connectivity.

Hyperply® is utilized in any purpose which requires top quality wooden sheet material. Top quality in this reference indicates resistance to Twisting, shrinkage and warping.

Recommended Usages: Kitchen furniture, ceiling, showcases, bedrooms, door panel inserts, cupboards, partitions, vehicle backs and seats, racks, furniture such as chair, dining table, study table, shelves, drawers, floor underlay etc.


Marine Plywood IS: 710

Chief specifications of Marine Plywood are that it is tough, durable as well as genuine. The Bureau of Indian Standards has certified marine plywood IS: 710 and it is manufactured with chosen elements of face and core veneers.

Our mount to identification and credit in this industry has been fundamentally prompted by the shelling fame of Marine Grade Plywood. The plywood kinds we bestow with are well processed and supervised with severe leadership of our skilled professionals with the usage of modernized machines and top quality wood to serve maximum clients’ pleasure. Offered plywood is created acquirable in several conditions so as to accomplish the variegated orders of our customers.

The features like moisture resistant nature of marine plywood along with high strength and optimum quality makes marine plywood more popular among people all over the world.


Block Board IS: 1659

Block board IS: 1659 is manufactured concerning to the MR Grade and BWP Grade. The density of block board is more than 0.6. Gm / cc. Specialties such as eco-friendly nature and carpenter friendly nature makes block board perfectly suitable for usages in shelves, partitions, shutters, cup boards, load bearing horizontal panel uses etc.

We are dealing in manufacturing and supplying of block board IS: 1659, provided to serve to the several requirements of top worth carpentry things like furniture, paneling, roofing, window frames and floors. The block board is accessible in many dimensions and particular range out of huge spectrum is requested for notably from our clients end to serve to their different requirements.

The abilities of the block board are: it is durable, light weight and dense textured. Our experts conduct rigorous quality examination measures on them, such that results provided to our customers should be up to their hopes.


Flush Door IS: 2202

Flush doors which are 100% water proof and ready to serve their purpose are mounted in easier manner with least efforts to modify your home in gorgeous way. These are the Doors manufactured with strict quality supervision process which entirely comply with ISI conditions.

Flush door is accessible in both decorative and commercial levels. Batterns alone bonded with insect toxicants for ever-lasting security. Batterns machines and processed to the needed thickness, chemical treatment and seasoned kiln dehydrated.

We have constantly and noiselessly partnered being dealers with certain leading brands of India and world. We offer finest products to add delight to your places. Our vision is chiefly diversified enterprise firm to get best in each zone we venture into. Our highly performing professionals serve with the finest products to encourage class and attitude in the customer’s life.


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